#!/usr/bin/php Structural Mass Calculator

Structural Mass Calculator

Enter Information Below to iteratively calculate structural mass.
Structural Parameters
Payload Mass (no structure) kg
Mass Ratio fuel:(payload+structure)
Spacecraft Length m Used only for hull thickness
Spacecraft Beam m Used only for hull thickness
Spacecraft Volume m3
Maximum Acceleration Gs
Fuel Density kg/m3
Hull Materials using Ultimate Strength
Hull Materials using Yield Strength
Hull Material Toughness
Density of Hull Material kg/m3
Epsilon (error tolerance in calculations)
Method With Buckling (may not scale well for payloads > 10 tons)
Only Vsr (may scale better for payloads > 10 tons)
Options Assume fuel is included with payload mass.
Iteratively calculate fuel from total mass (Payload + Structure)

Calculate Structure
Structural Mass tons Total Mass tons Iterations
Structural Volume m3 Hull Thickness m
Fuel Mass tons Fuel Volume m3
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