#!/usr/bin/php Thruster Calculator

Thruster Calculator

Select an engine, or enter your own parameters. Fill in a mission profile, and finally simulate the thrusters. Altering the data in the acceleration category, and rerunning the simulation will alter the accelerations considered.
Thrusters Parameters
Drive Type
Exhaust Velocity m/s
Thrust newtons
Engine Mass tons

Mission Profile

Enter one of the following two parameters, desired delta V or desired mass ratio of ship to propellant. Be sure an engine is selected, and the remaining parameter will be calculated.
dV m/s
Mass Ratio propellant per unit mass of payload (including ship and engine)

Simulate Thrusters
Engine Mass (w/ Fuel) (tons) Engine Idle Power Production (MW)
Max Speed c
Acceleration (g's) Max Payload per Thruster (tons) Fuel per Thruster @ Max Payload (tons) Max Time at Acceleration (min)
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